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Why not have terroir be as important in beer as it is in wine? Our T-90 pellets are vacuum sealed to keep in the flavours of Prince Edward County, so you can experience your brew by way of the county.

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Let's give Hops some love. 

Is terroir as important in beer as it is in wine? Should we make beers brewed with all-local ingredients, with barley, water, hops and yeast all sourced from the same area? We think itโ€™s time to celebrate the effect terroir has on our brewing, and to experiment, play and enjoy all the nuance craft beer has to offer. 

Our T-90 pellets  are vacuum sealed in oxygen and light-barrier foil bags with a nitrogen back-flush to ensure freshness, then stored frozen until shipped. Each variety of hops is tested by an accredited lab guaranteeing the most accurate brewing values possible.

Freshly harvested wet hops & dried whole cone hops are also available, on request.

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Custom-sized packages of hops are available on request.

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