Our Hops

Why not have terroir be as important in beer as it is in wine? Our T-90 pellets are vacuum sealed to keep in the flavours of Prince Edward County, so you can experience your brew by way of the county.

Justin in a pile of our fresh hops

Let's give Hops some love. 

Is terroir as important in beer as it is in wine? Should we make beers brewed with all-local ingredients, with barley, water, hops and yeast all sourced from the same area? We think it’s time to celebrate the effect terroir has on our brewing, and to experiment, play and enjoy all the nuance craft beer has to offer. 

Our T-90 pellets  are vacuum sealed in oxygen and light-barrier foil bags with a nitrogen back-flush to ensure freshness, then boxed and stored frozen until shipped. Each variety of hops is tested by an accredited lab guaranteeing the most accurate brewing values possible.

Contract and Spot hop availability.
Freshly harvested wet hops and dried whole cone hops available on special request.





Wild Loyalist

Photo Credit: Brian Meech Photography