Hops drying at Pleasant Valley Hops Farm

Custom Services

With family roots stretching back to the original Barley Days of the 1800s, we're pouring our hearts and hops into reviving the craft beer industry in the County and beyond. As growers we have a deep understanding of the land we work and the plants we tend. As community-minded entrepreneurs we’re investing in knowledge and equipment that will help local yards to thrive and flourish. 

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We're hop central for THE ONTARIO BEER BOOM!

Custom Picking
Custom Drying
Trellis Installation

Pleasant Valley Hops is much more than just a hop farm, we are also Prince Edward County's "hop hub" providing resources for growers across East Central Ontario.  Our experience working the land combined with established European technology enables us to help local growers make the most of their yards. 

Feeding bines into the picker

Hop Picking with wolf technology

 With 7 picking drums and a top chopper, our Wolf has a throughput of 150-170 strings per hour.

Bring us your bines for quick and reliable handling. Our expert crew will have your cones picked in a fraction of the time it takes to do them by hand.

Hops Dryer

Hop Drying

Preserve your hard work! Low temperature drying overseen by an experienced crew ensures natural aromatic oils and lupulin are retained for the brewing process.

Make the most of your dry time with our multilevel, louvered hop dryer –– three hop varieties can dry at the same time.