Pleasant Valley Cluster Hops. Photo credit: Noah Redka

Very fragrant! Cluster is an excellent dual  purpose hop with a gorgeous mix between spice, earth and blackberries.  Use it for it's floral bouquet aroma or for it's beautifully balanced bitterness.

Believed to be one of the oldest hop varieties grown in North America, prior to the 1970's it was the go-to hop of most brewers.  Although not as well-known today, Cluster is a reliable favorite still used by many notable craft brewers.

We’re the only source for Ontario grown Cluster!

  • Our 2018 lab results: alpha acid 10.0% / beta acid 6.4% (higher than the usual profile)

  • Spicy, earthy, blackberry and floral notes.

  • Porter, Stout, Barley Wine but also great for moderately light ales such as Pale Ales and Lagers.